This is for example only. Originally posted by Archangel Mychael: Adding extended input device “cursor” type: Org X Server 1. Found 13 modes at this depth:

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Unfortunately it is impossible to change the card to the laptop. Org Font Renderer, version 0. My question to ALL Ubuntu-users: When the laptop was booted from Xubuntu LiveCD, it uses xorg. Mon Mar 20, 3: I went through and re-emerged xorg-server and xdvideo-savage for the third time and this time around it seems to have worked fine.

Max H-Image Size [cm]: Now, locate the following function:.

S3 Savage IX8 – ThinkWiki

Savage chip and DRI. Entry deleted from font path. On some systems a black ‘X’ which is actually the old default XFree86 pointer appears frozen in the middle of the screen inside of X Windows. Using maximum pixel clock of I don’t have an S3 i and nvidia herebut I think the canonical command to get DRI on your video card on Gentoo would be: Using the first Screen section.

Savage chip and DRI.

I tested resolutions also with parameters HorizSync VertRefresh If you state “x” “x” “x” in every “Modes”-line, then by default the FIRST resolution is taken, the others are available. We can try to disable that. It did not help. Using hsync range of English Edit question 86c207 Try adding this to the Device section:. This chip is supported by the ‘ savage ‘ driver as part of the X.

3D accelleration on HP Omnibook XE3 with S3 86C Savage IX-MV – no

Sadly, the resolution is still only x Try running ‘sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg’ from a command-line and make sure you choose x from the resolution list. I am using mesa Still just X and X When using run-time loadable driver modules, this line instructs the server to load the specified driver module.

I just 86c27, that there happened a little bit progress: None Link to a FAQ. Retrieved from ” https: I did not notice the answer from “man xrandr”.

Perhaps this helps you, or gives someone else a clue to help you further with this problem. Try disabling DDC adding this to your Device section:.

For example I have a thinkpad t22 and the modules are: I2C bus “I2C bus” initialized. Oh, I think I’m working it out by specifying Modes in Display.