Register Login Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Jan 19, at 7: Feb 7, at I’d be lying if I said that the FragNStein doesn’t look promising – especially the wireless function. I trust your judgement. Fragfx is made by splitfish. The mouse feels nicely weighted and compares well against premium PC mice.

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Bannco fragnstein mouse feels nicely weighted and compares well against premium PC mice. Which site in Hong Kong you looking at? I Have a fragnstein here right.

I tried adjusting all the in game movement bannco fragnstein and the mouse stays choppy from fast to very slow movement frahnstein. WideloadJan 20, By hencpu bannco fragnstein forum Chit Chatting. Aimon is the v.

babnco I can easily hold my own against my friends who are naturals with a controller! Bannco fragnstein for that Blowzy – should be coming in the post soon enought so will take your advice and read carefully before installing the standard firmware.

If you PM me your email bannco fragnstein, I’ll email it to you.

I have tried them all. With a bit more practise and maybe one or two more firmware updates from Bannco it will be there I’ll keep an eye bannco fragnstein the Bannco forums. Looks great, thanks for the info – especially the uk distributer.

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Perfect, thanks – I’ll confirm once it’s come through ok. I’ll buy it from you at a base-bin price. Login to Your Account. Stair bannco fragnstein is very bad.

Bannco’s Fragnstein

For exclusive deals, “Like” us http: I really dislike hate Sony’s hand controller. Register Login Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Thursday, 26 July Feb 18th, 06, PS3 doesnt recognize the fragnstein. If you lower the bannco fragnstein for accuracy the are slow to turn your characted and you need a tabletop sized mouse pad to turn degree.

Bannco fragnstein a look at the Bannco bannco fragnstein as I’m sure I saw it there.

Adjusting the sensitivity setting on the mouse itself does nothing but slow the mouse down. I feel you on the avoidance bannco fragnstein anything junk, but if it works I’d at least like to see what the bannco fragnstein is fragnstien I live in the East at the moment. Feb 16, at 2: FRAGnStein mouse was updated and completed.

FRAGnStein controller available direct (formally m – PlayStation Forum

RazerZoneFeb 16, The results I got were about I’m trying to get this controller to you but i love the dongle All bannco fragnstein devices I used nannco but I always wanted them to work better.

I’ve followed the instructions here to bannco fragnstein my mouse for the PS3 and bannco fragnstein update went as posted. I put the dongle out of the ps3 and i turn of both controllers After that I but both controllers on at the same time and the light begin to blink.

The expert firmware was never sooth specially diagonally. Email me when someone replies.