From to , the average annual growth rate of IC production in China reached Profits of the joint venture companies withdraw reserve funds, enterprise development funds and employee benefit incentive funds after paying income tax. At the same time the Company has long been engaged in IC design business, has accumulated rich experience in the development of integrated circuits, formed an effective cost control system, it can effectively control the cost of occurrence, so that the company’s products have a strong market competitive advantage. Add to Your Portfolio New portfolio. Integrated circuit manufacturing enterprises. The proportion of integrated circuit sales in China’s GDP increased from 0.

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As a result, the cost of integrated siln products has dropped rapidly, the price of products has dropped at a faster rate, and the margins of margins of products have become narrower.

The company’s current business focus on the design, testing and sales, mask manufacturing, chip manufacturing, circuit packaging company commissioned by the professional processing units for processing and manufacturing, the commissioning of processing units in full accordance with the choice of market-oriented mode, due to own More than one optional unit, and these units have been with the company slan maintain a high reputation of the cooperative relations, so the company’s normal operation will not be commissioned by the processing unit constraints, the company has an independent business integrity.

The total sales and total sales were 4. Domestic enterprises also try their best to find a comparative advantage. In order to stabilize and attract high-quality talents, the Company actively creates a corporate culture that fits for talent competition and talent development so that the ability of highly microelectroics personnel can be fully demonstrated.

Zheng Shaobo, the general manager is Mr.

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Such as integrating the full signal processing capabilities of a cell phone into a single chip 8-inch 0. Due to the product variety is more and scattered, itself has quite common, inconvenience to introduce their purpose. This shows that the overall technical level of China’s integrated circuit production is lagging behind, still can not compete in the high-end machine chips and system-on-chip large-scale participation.

In the long run, it will be conducive to the improvement of the technological level of China’s integrated circuit industry. Shenzhen Shenzhen Lan Microelectronics Co. This chip production line has important strategic interests for the Company. Market competition in this industry will become more fierce. Although the IC design industry in our country has been developing rapidly since the s, its overall strength lags behind due to its late start and poses a disadvantage compared with foreign countries in many aspects such as human resources, capital, technology accumulation and enterprise mechanism.

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Show more Personal Finance link Personal Finance. According to statistics, China has invested The Company has complete control over all its assets and disposes of it. In response to the risks of overseas investment, the Company not only actively exercises the shareholder’s rights over the aforesaid investment enterprises, but also appoints key senior management personnel to hold important positions in the above-mentioned investment enterprises and effectively controls or exert significant influence on these investment enterprises in order to reduce the Company’s foreign investment Interests may be subject to the risk of infringement.

Eight, the internal organization of the issuer A the issuer’s equity investment structure 1, Hangzhou Silan Integrated Circuit Co. lam

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The number of employed persons isand the total number of design varieties is From the point of view of capital accumulation and technology accumulation, it is very difficult for domestic enterprises to compete with large foreign companies in the field of high value-added products for the time being.

China Southern Asset Management Co. Bythe average price of IC products sold inside and outside China was 0. Third, the issuer before the listing of important dates Announcement of Issue Date: If the above seven people act in unison, they may exert internal control over the company’s financial, operating and other decisions.

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B the issuer’s internal organizational structure and operation 1, the issuer’s internal organizational structure In accordance with the Company Law and the Articles of Association of the Company, the highest authority of the Company is the general meeting of shareholders, whereby the board of directors and the board of supervisors are elected. All of the claims and debts were inherited by the Company. The incompleteness of the business of an individual enterprise in the entire industrial chain does not in itself affect the independence of its business development and operation.

The Company’s main products include integrated circuits, semiconductor discrete devices and light-emitting diode LED products. Reserve reserve funds of RMBCountries like China The competition with the area is getting fiercer.

However, compared with foreign counterparts, there is still a considerable gap in technology level. This shows that it is difficult for the domestic integrated circuit industry to compete effectively with foreign enterprises as a whole. However, Compared with foreign counterparts, the technical level is still a considerable gap, so the company will take advantage of product cost and localization, improve market use capabilities, and constantly strengthen the level of technology research and development, to a greater extent to expand market share.

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