First of all, useful informations. B43 wireless information page: Worked perfectly — no wired connection needed with instructions above and use of the driver on the ISO from above! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Having a problem logging in?

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Yenns said on July 31, at 5: I understand the concept of opening a terminal and writing commands, from previous forums, but none of what I try seems to work. Kelly said on Broaecom 30, at 4: Linux mint broadcom b43 wireless said on January 7, at 5: Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

Sven said on March 28, at 5: Rebecca said on April 25, at 2: If you had been able to use a wired connection temporarily most woreless the problem would not have occurred. The chipset will have a role in this too, I have had wifi issues with other distros too.

Scroll down the page to locate the broadcom files entries. Or, and that is also an option, you could use the Linux Mint copy on the USB device for that as well. I have been spending the last 3 weeks of my life trying to fix the wireless of my laptop and I believe it is impossible action and I decided return to windows.

After this operation, kB of additional linux mint broadcom b43 wireless space will be used.

IQuit said on May 8, at I went back and removed firmware-binstaller and reinstalled it. Go to your version, eg, Linux Mint Rosa First of all, useful informations. Cam’s Tech Notes A journey in tech — two steps forward, one step back. Wow, who would guess people would want linux mint broadcom b43 wireless connect to the internet in ?

BCM Mint 16 – no wireless – no Internet connection

And nothing happens when I type in rfkill list. This site uses cookies.

The installation of the Linux distribution wentfine. Robi said on January 1, at 3: Join our linux mint broadcom b43 wireless today! It displayed that the wireless adapter was not installed and let me know that I needed a wired connection or Linux Mint on USB to install it. A small saga began when I took an old laptop and installed Mint Transfer the files to your user directory on the Linux Mint PC and double-click the bfwcutter file to install it.

The above is the output of the lspci command. Wireess 04, – 80 comments.

How to get Wifi working in Linux Mint after installation

I also double checked the drivers. If you can have the internet access via an ethernet cable you can just install the b43 firmware sudo apt-get linux mint broadcom b43 wireless firmware-binstaller and then load up the b43 module via sudo modprobe b43 Now you should have wireless working.

Linux Mint This forum is b433 the discussion of Linux Mint. I don’t have linux-firmware-nonfree installed; only linux-firmware. The driver appears to be installed, and the Additional Drivers window says “installed and working”.

Considerable time and effort was often spent performing multiple trial-and-error driver installations, command-line troubleshooting, reading and evaluating broadvom documentation, and following suggestions from other users to get wireless working.

I did notice that the list of supported cards in the description in the Additional Drivers window didn’t include the Many distros, such as the ultra-fast booting Slax, consistently failed linux mint broadcom b43 wireless locate wireless.