Click OK, and then in Video tab click Apply to confirm the modifications you made. Click Create, a schedule wizard will guide you through the set up process. You can use MSI PVS to record a stream of full-motion video plus audio from your video source and save it in real-time using MPEG-2 encoding directly to a designated location on your hard disk. Contrast – Adjusts the gradation of tone between the image highlights, mid-tones, and shadows. If any item contained is damaged or missing, please contact your local dealer as soon as possible.

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MSI MEGA TV Tuner Card MS-8606 – TV tuner / video capture adapter – PCI

The operations for other skins will be mentioned later. When making changes to a Transcode Profile, this setting is grayed out, as the resolution of the file is not changed by the transcode operation.

Main Panel Click this button to activate the setting window see 6. Vertical Sets the Horizontal motion search range.

MSI Tuner Drivers Download for Free | Driver Talent

Click to start recording. Set up Motion Vector. Click on the 806 area of the control panel to mute or restore sound. For the correct connection, please refer to the video devices’ manuals for more information. Click Apply and OK to confirm the modifications you made.

Recording Click here to record 1. These buttons on each skin are introduced briefly here.

Total reocrded time length 3 seconds Repeat time length 4 seconds 0 2 Repeat this section only 3 You click repeat section button at the point of the 2nd second 16 20 You click repeat section 88606 at the point of the 16th second How to Use MSI Radio 6.

Repeat steps above for any additional channels you want 86606 rename. To instantly start recording: Set the Duration of the program to be recorded.

You can take a break watching a live show, and pick up where you left off, or instantly jump back to live view. The higher the scan precision is set, the less stations will be received for many stations with weak signal are skipped automatically.

Recording Click the button to record the current station content and the pause or again to continue recording. Mark the checkbox to set the channel as a favorite, or unmark to disable.

You can only click the icon on taskbar to active it as partial windows mode. If your files are larger than you want, try reducing the bit rate the lowest setting that gives you acceptable image quality. The default input source of the tuner is from Antenna.

User`s guide | MSI 8606-020

Dual channel – Dual-channel processing allows control of completely independent effects on the left and right channels.

The larger the GOP size, the more compression is done on the video. Video Sliders Use the sliders in mai area to adjust: Lay this equipment on a stable, flat surface before setting it up. Pause – Suspend current action e.

Click OK, and then in Audio tab click Apply to confirm the modifications mxi made. Click the channel you want to rename.

Audio Language In some countries, a secondary audio channel might be available. This channel has a wide variety of uses, e.

Download MSI TV Tuner Master WDM Driver for Windows 2K, Windows XP

Click OK to finish the customized record quality settings. Since an MPEG-1 decoder is included with current Windows operating systems, use it for making lower resolution recordings for playback on many PCs. Only resolutions supported by the currently-selected video input device are included in this drop-down menu.

Audio Mode Choose the audio quality, stereo or mono, by clicking on the appropriate radio box.