After following the steps above, my unchanged Linux guest continues to boot. There have been earlier reports of a Windows Update breaking Virtualbox but if that’s what happened again, I would expect to see a big friendly notice on the Virtualbox site. Martin and 58 guests. Also did you get this from Microsoft or some other location? VRAM is set to 12mb. Cannot access the kernel driver! Presumably the best thing is to go back to 4.

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How to Fix Portable VirtualBox Kernel Driver Runtime Error

I hope this helps! Did you use a download manager to download it? I’m using VirtualBox 4. Also tried disabling AV and that didn’t work either.

Make sure the kernel module has been loaded successfully. Step to do that: Once you have VirtualBox Portable working perfectly again, you might lernel this is a perfect time to back the entire directory up. It is also possible the the ISO that you have of Windows 7 may be corrupt.

Users browsing this forum: The problem is with the installer. What are the settings in the Guest virttualbox settings? This is actually good to do periodically when running any version of VirtualBox, since it also helps to reduce any security risks that comes with running two operating systems together.

virtual machine – VirtualBox: Cannot access the kernel driver – Stack Overflow

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Last edited by oldjoe rjntime Worked like a charm.

If you can disable it try to run it runtine the switch off. Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Windows 7.

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Best regards, John Bijnens. Since this did involve replacing header packages, this could be a good time to actually do a full package system upgrade. Simply copy the files from your Runime memory stick or whatever medium you used to store the portable directories into a new directory and give it a try again.

Catalin Ciolocoiu 1 4 To fix the problem you need to point the registry value to the new location. Download an old copy of your Virtualbox installer make sure it’s the same version!

Also did you get this from Microsoft or some other location? Please run the installer again and select “Repair”. The problem seems to have been that I installed 3.

You may wish to restore them with:. Reply with quote Re: Sign up using Email and Password. Hi, I did an update of runitme.

This makes configuration far easier than working with a full installation of the software, and it also lets you take your Access emulated computer-within-a-computer anywhere you go that has a machine running the appropriate system software.

I still get lernel access the kernel driver” whenever I try to run an existing VM. This sort of thing happens when power is removed during a file system write.

Portable VirtualBox allows you to emulate a full computer system inside your existing installation without actually installing many packages.